As part of Husky Energy’s White Rose Extension Project, work at this 20 hectare site in Placentia, N.L. commenced in late 2013.  Dexter Construction was responsible for:

  • Mass excavation of approximately 1.3 million cubic meters of material behind a natural coastal berm, which was hauled and dumped into nearby pond for infill
  • Installation of temporary and permanent de-watering systems around the perimeter of the graving dock, including 83 dewatering wells (830 L/sec), 33 piezometers, 2 lift stations, 1,000 meters of HDPE dewatering pipe and 2 sedimentation ponds c/w geomembrane lining
  • Construction of over 27,000 square meters of soil-cement-bentonite cut-off walls to minimize water flow into the dock area
  • Installation of permanent power distribution systems
  • Construction and renewal of 1,500 meters of new site access road

Dexter’s work on the graving dock construction was successfully completed in 2015.