The construction arm of the Municipal Group of Companies, Dexter Construction originated in New Brunswick in 1961. Since then, Dexter has expanded its operations throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond, while remaining a locally owned and privately held company. We mobilize a fleet of modern equipment and an expert workforce comprised of thousands of qualified professionals and tradesme— enabling us to successfully compete in any area of heavy civil construction.

Dexter's expertise is demonstrated with every job – a commitment that’s reflected in the fact that we’re consistently awarded many of the largest infrastructure projects in the province.  This includes all manner of excavation work, grading, road structure materials production and placing, concrete placing, utility piping installation, natural gas line installation, bridge construction, road maintenance and rehabilitation, among many other capabilities.

In addition to maintaining our market leadership in Eastern Canada, Dexter seeks to extend its reach on a global scale – indeed, to bring our world class reputation to a larger, more diverse number of clients and partners. As such, we continue to focus on several key business aspects: the training of highly skilled employees, a constant emphasis on safety, a continued reinvestment in equipment and technology, and an expanding services offering built through strategic acquisition.

Beyond our role in building and maintaining infrastructure across Eastern Canada, Dexter Construction is proud to help build communities. Along with our parent organization, we continue to make a difference for our charitable contributions, especially in the neighbourhoods where we live and work. Learn more about our committment to the community.


From a variety of services such as: blasting, excavation, concrete, asphalt to an ever-growing range of work highways, bridges, airports, and utility plants the majority of what we do applies to infrastructure development and renewal. Thanks to strategic partnership and acquisition, we have the expertise to handle virtually every stage of a project.


  • Asphalt Paving, Supply & Storage
  • Concrete Works
  • Quarry Services
  • Road Building & Maintenance
  • Demolition
  • Surface Treatment
  • Drilling & Blasting
  • Site Preparation & Servicing
  • Excavation
  • Slashing & Burning
  • Utilities
  • Marine & Bridges
  • Landfill Development


  • Crushing & Screening
  • Open Pit Mining
  • Dykes, Basins & Tailings Management
  • Open Pit Stripping
  • Hauling (Ore/Waste)
  • Mining Support Services
  • Mining Reclamation
  • Mine Design & Engineering


  • Hydrocarbon Treatment
  • Soil Remediation
  • Supplies Processing & Recycling
  • Wind Farm Development


  • Asphalt Emulsion & Binding
  • Materials Research & Lab Services
  • Aggregate Testing
  • Mix Design Development
  • Micro-Surfacing, Slurry Seal & Chip Seal
  • Pavement Preservation
  • Structural Sealants/Coatings
  • Cold Mix & Hot Mix Asphalt


  • Health & Safety Leadership
  • Operational/Technical Management
  • Skilled Workforce Training
  • Heavy Equipment Operation


  • Equipment Rental
  • Snow Removal
  • Material Handling & Transport
  • Calcium, Sand & Water Delivery